Public Bus Services

Landford is served by the X7/X71 public bus services provided by Wilts and Dorset. For full time-table details visit the Wilts and Dorset website. In February 2010, Wilts and Dorset stated that they planned to withdraw the X7/X71 bus service from Landford. Following public outcry, the service has been re-instated but only for a period of 12 – 14 months. A review will be held in the Spring of 2011, and a decision taken whether to withdraw the service. For more detail click here.

Community Transport

There is a charity called Community Transport South Wiltshire which is supported by Wiltshire Council. This is a mini-bus service to Salisbury, and for trips and days out. For more detail, click here

LINK Scheme

The LINK scheme provides a transport service based on volunteer drivers, and is an important lifeline for many living in Landford. The scheme has its own entry on this website. Click here for more detail.

Petersfinger Park & Ride

The cost is just £2.50 for all day parking and use of the buses. Anyone who parks and cycles into Salisbury may park for free. The service is also free to those with concessionary passes. Further information is available on the Wiltshire County website at

To be reviewed 30/6/2011. Owner: M J Quick

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