Public Bus Services

Landford is served by the X7  Salisbury Reds bus service running between Salisbury and Southampton. Currently there is a two-hourly service during week days and Saturdays, with no service on Sundays. Visit their website at for current timetables or ‘phone the Travel Line on 01202 338420 for enquiries.

There is also a No.39 bus service between Nomansland (via Landford) and Romsey that runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. This bus leaves Nomansland at 9:24am and the return leaves Romsey at 12:15pm.

Rail Services

No rail lines run through Landford. However there are main line stations at Southampton and Salisbury

LINK Scheme

The LINK scheme provides a transport service based on volunteer drivers, and is an important lifeline for many living in Landford. The scheme has its own entry on this website. Click here for more detail.

Park & Ride

For those wishing to visit Salisbury, there are two Park & Ride facilities. One is situated at Petersfinger just off the A36 (Southampton Road) on the outskirts of the city. The other is at Britford on the A338 (Downton Road). Vehicles can park for free and take the bus into the city centre. There is a standard charge, but for those with concessionary bus passes the service is free after 9:30am. Further information is available on the Wiltshire County website at



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