Nomansland Pre-School – For details please contact by ‘phone on 01794 390108

New Forest Church of England Primary School

Today’s school is an amalgamation of two previously separate schools, and for full details of facilities, events and contact information they have a website at .

Key Stage 1 pupils attend the school in Landford, adjacent to the Village Hall in Lyndhurst Road, and you can email school at or phone 01794 390303.

Key Stage 2 & 3 pupils attend the school in School Road, Nomansland and you can email the school at or phone 01794 390380

Secondary Schools

Trafalgar School, Downton   Tel: 01725 550300

St Edmund’s School, Laverstock   Tel: 01722 328565

Bishop Wordsworth’s, Salisbury   Tel: 01722 333851

South Wilts, Salisbury   Tel: 01722 323326

Mountbatten School, Romsey   Tel:01794 512334

Romsey School, Romsey   Tel: 01794 512334

Hampshire Collegiate, Romsey   Tel: 01794 512206

Wyvern College, Laverstock   Tel: 01722 500700

Colleges of Further Education

Brockenhurst College   Tel: 01590 625555

Totton College   Tel: 02380 874874

Wiltshire College, Salisbury   Tel: 01225 350035   Careers Advice on Ext 3274



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