Parish Pastimes Magazine


The original consultation for the Landford Community Plan in 2006 highlighted the need for a better distribution of information regarding activities in the village. As a result of a further consultation in 2014 in order to update that plan, it was decided to create this magazine to provide more information on what is going on in the locality. It brings it all together. Just about every activity or ‘pastime’ that comes under the broad sports, leisure and social banner is in here and nearly all of them involve some physical movement.

Although most of the activities listed involve payment of some kind, in general fees are minimal just to cover the cost of premises and/or the services of a teacher. Hopefully by getting involved in one or more of the activities in and around the parish you may meet other people and make new friends and feel part of the community.

So what’s to lose? There is everything to gain from meeting new people and making new friends. It provides an extra purpose to life. All it requires is the will to join in.

To read our latest version of the magazine, then please click on Parish Pastimes.

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