LINK Scheme

A Good Neighbour Service

It is so important to be able to call on friends and neighbours when you find yourself in difficulties. The purpose of LINK  is to provide that  Good Neighbour in the form of either a befriending person (i.e. sitting with you, reading to you, etc.) or transport when you don’t have means of your own, or not able to use public transport. In rural areas such as ours, if incapacitated through illness or accident, this is often very inconvenient when you wish to attend surgery, hospital, other medical treatment or just go shopping. The voluntary services group Community First have helped in the setting up of LINK schemes (run as charities) throughout the county of Wiltshire to address these problems. You may obtain more detailed information about the LINK schemes in Wiltshire by clicking here.

Our local scheme covers a wide area to the south east of Salisbury, including Whiteparish, Landford and Nomansland. We have a group of volunteers who will provide transport, and also a befriending service for those that are lonely and would like someone to call in for a chat or perhaps read to you. Help is just a phone call away (Ring 01794 884390). The service is free but we do invite a donation to cover the volunteers’ expenses.

Clearly this service depends very much on the availability of sufficient volunteers and we are always looking for more recruits. If you would like to find out more about becoming a LINK volunteer, then please contact us on 01794 884390 or leave a comment below.


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