Parish Council

The Parish Council website can be accessed by clicking here. It provides general information about Landford and detailed information about the council and its activities and responsibilities.

The website tells you who your current councillors are and how to contact them or the Clerk to the Parish Council, and you can leave messages online.

One of the most contentious issues the council have to deal with is planning applications. The site contains a detailed explanation of the criteria councillors have to follow when dealing with these matters. Also links to planning authority websites.

The site also contains a document archive that enables you to read minutes of council and planning committee meetings, financial statements and other council related documents. Under the Freedom of Information Act you can request copies of these documents for which there will be a charge to cover printing and postage costs.

Following the conversion of Wiltshire County Council to a Unitary Authority, Landford parish comes within the Southern Wiltshire Community Area. To learn more about the purpose and operation of your Area Board, contact a county councillor or raise a matter for discussion, then click here.


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