Community Partnership

You can view a copy of the Constitution of the Landford Community Partnership by clicking LCP Constitution – 29th April 2010.

Following the successful launch of the Landford Community Plan in November 2008, it was adopted by the Parish Council and endorsed by Salisbury District Council in January, 2009. However, producing the Plan is one thing, implementing it is another. We realised that in order to do this it was necessary to recruit a group of people who were prepared to both monitor and facilitate the actions contained within that Plan. That is the initial purpose of the Landford Community Partnership (LCP), but more long term, the intention is to provide a means for the further development of facilities serving our community.

On 1st April 2009 Wiltshire County Council became a Unitary Authority, now called Wiltshire Council. At a local level, there will be Community Area Boards (made up of elected councillors), which meet every two months to deal with local matters. Access the Wiltshire Council website for details of where and when the next meeting is to be held.

Membership of LCP is open to anyone in our community.  If you are new to this area or simply wish to become involved in community life, then join us. Please contact one of the following.

Co-Chairmen:           Mr Jon Hurst,     01794 390597

Mr Ken Parker     01794 390681

Secretary:                 Mr Geoff Chase    01794 390624

Treasurer:                Mr David Lumby 01794 390043

To be reviewed 1/1/2018. Owner: John Martin

2 Responses to “Community Partnership”

  1. Miss Emma Jane Reeves Says:

    To whom it may concern. Hi, My name is Emma & Ive lived in Landford with my family for well over 20 yrs. I have been an experienced Self Employed Private Housekeeper for 18 yrs, & currently work in Nomansland, & Sherfield English. Ive just recieved a new copy of Parish Pastimes. I will be very happy to volunteer for the village environment & help clean local chapels, churches & village hall facilities in 2018. Please do contact me on 01794 322821 if this is possible. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

    • John Martin Says:

      Hi Emma, Presumably you have advertised your services on the Landford Stores Noticeboard or similar. Obviously we don’t advertise on this website, but I will pass on your details if I hear anyone making enquiries. John Martin.

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