Youth Activities

Currently the only Youth Club in Landford is run by the Methodist Church. It is held on Friday evenings and travels round the circuit to different venues. Every third Friday it is held in the Methodist Hall, Landford.

Other activites organised for Youth in south Wiltshire are as follows.

Downton – Wednesday,   7.00 – 9.30pm

Old Sarum – Thursday,    6.30 – 9.00pm

Winterslow – Friday,        8.00 – 10.00pm

Alderbury – Monday        6.45 – 7.45pm for Football


To be reviewed 31/12/2013. Owner: John Martin

2 Responses to “Youth Activities”

  1. Ian horton Says:

    Hello there I have a son who is 12 and is looking for things to do around the village any information would be grateful you can phone me or email me my name is ian horton 07765987769 and my email is many thanks

    • John Martin Says:

      Hello Ian, Yes, this is quite a difficult one. When we did the Community Plan back in 2007/08 we found it extremely difficult to contact young people to find out what they wanted in the village, and even more difficult to reach the youth. There was a demand for a Youth Club besides the one that is run by the Methodist Chapel. Having said that, none of the parents wanted to join in as supervisors! The only local youth group I know of for boys are the Scouts. There is a new Youth Club running over in Whiteparish.

      There was also talk of a local boys football team, but that has not taken off as yet. Most of the kids go down onto the Recreation Ground and play on their bikes or kick a ball about. Most other activities they get involved in are in connection with their school. Sorry I can’t be of more help than that. Regards to you. John Martin.

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