Treasure Hunt – 2011

Held on 21st August 2011. After a rain shower in the morning the cloud slowly broke up to give a pleasant warm afternoon, with hazy sunshine through broken cloud. Six cars took part, and pleased to report that each had four occupants to share the tasks involved in directing the driver, answering the clues and finding the requisite objects. Cars were started at 10min intervals, and each driver was given an envelope containing instructions 10mins before their scheduled start time.

A course of just under 20 miles was set, which started at Landford Recreation Ground car park and ended at The Landford Poacher. The course was in the form of a figure 8, travelling from Landford through Bramshaw, Brook, Cadnam, Newbridge, Furzley Common, Penn Common, Nomansland, across the New Forest to Hale, then down through Lover and back via Hamptworth to Landford.

After the event some of us stopped at The Landford Poacher for an evening meal in convivial company, where the event was discussed amongst other things and the results were announced. Congratulations to the winners who were Pat & Jon Hurst accompanied by Rhona & Howie Boyce.

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One Response to “Treasure Hunt – 2011”

  1. Carol Hewson Says:

    Can’t wait for the next one! Looks like a good time was had by all! Well done John & Geoff……..

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