Ladies of Landford

Photo of the ladies of Landford


Our beginnings

The Ladies of Landford Group was born in January 2009 when we presented the Landford Community Plan to Salisbury District Council. The ladies in the group greatly outnumbered the one male committee member present and received the label ‘The Ladies of Landford’.  As we celebrated afterwards at an eating place in Salisbury, we decided it was a good name for the group we planned to form as a way of keeping in touch.

The group is now well established.  We meet once a month, very often on a Thursday.  This is a loose arrangement because if we are going to a specific show or event, then we change the day.  We generally meet in the evenings, so that ladies who work during the day can also join in.  Just occasionally we invite our husbands or partners to join in – when we want a bigger crowd!

Our primary aim is to enjoy ourselves!

Can anyone join in?

If you are a lady and live in Landford, then get in touch. We don’t have a committee or any formal arrangements for membership. We simply share contact details so we can contact each other about events. Members choose which events to come along to, depending on interests and other committments.  Most of us are busy ladies and we find using email saves us a lot of time, so please expect us to keep you informed about events by email.

Your first step is to get in touch with one of the three ladies below, who will put you on the mailing list and let you know what is happening currently:

E: (Put Ladies of Landford in the subject)
T: 01794 399881

E:  (Put Ladies of Landford in the subject)
T: 01794 390504

What does it cost?

We’re an informal group and there’s no charge for belonging.  When it comes to an event, everyone who attends pays their share of the costs.

This web page was reviewed in August 2014.

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