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(Formerly the Healthy Landford Group HLG)

It is 25 years since the Healthy Landford Group (HLG) was formed and seems an appropriate time to re-assess what we do and how we present ourselves. In 1994 a handful of Landford residents had the idea to enhance the wellbeing of fellow, mainly retired, villagers by organizing recreational activities with physical, mental and social benefits.

The Group was set up with help and a grant from Salisbury District Council using funds set aside for promotion of community health. Since then HLG activities have increased and membership has spread so that 50% of members are from outside Landford. A change of title to reflect our wider appeal and inclusiveness was thought to be appropriate. Hence, a competition was launched within HLG to come up with a suitable new title and logo. A small sub-committee has made the choice with comments and approval from the main committee and section leaders.

The title we will go ahead with is ‘Forest Edge Activities (FEA)’. It is neat and to the point. We felt that the title should reflect the wide area we draw on for our membership so that nobody should feel excluded, and also to indicate that we organise activities.

With some reluctance ‘Landford’ has been left out of the title as this whole process started after comments suggested that the HLG title was off-putting to those from outside the village. However, our origins will not be lost as our region of the Forest and Landford will be mentioned in leaflets and other advertising.

We chose 2 designs for logos that complement the new name and may be used together or separately according to context. One design is a small branch where the leaves have our section names inscribed and the other is a simple but effective edge of Forest landscape sketch.

We hope these changes might help to encourage people to join, including some who will want to take on responsibilities and ensure the future of FEA. A lack of volunteers to take over from old hands is a problem for many clubs. It is not difficult if we share-out jobs and help each other, and it is worthwhile. MW

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