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In order to find out information on local services or facilities, click on the relevant item below.

Emergency Services

Wiltshire Council

Medical Services

Elected Representatives

Parish Councils



To be reviewed 31/12/2018. Owner: John Martin

3 Responses to “Contact Information”

  1. Merv Quick Says:


    Information relating to the Police consultation has been added to the Landford Community website.

    Regards, Merv
    M J Quick – one of the webmasters

  2. Glyn Parry Says:

    Forest Forge Theatre are presenting Starlight (An adventure for all the family that is full of eccentric characters, hilarious and thrilling moments, with haunting music, magic and mayhem.Suitable for age 5+ and all the family) at Downton Memorial Hall on Saturday 3rd January 2015. Tickets £10 adult, £6 child & £30 family up to 5 people from The Borough Cafe, Downton

    Could you please add this to your What’s On

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