Welcome to Landford in Wiltshire and the New Forest National Park

This website has been created to provide information on the events and activities in and around the parish of Landford.  We hope it will be useful to residents and visitors alike.

If you wish to see a layout of the area in order to locate various facilities and services, then please click here.

To navigate around the site, click on the side tabs, which will take you to the section of your choice.  Click on the header banner to return to this page. The What’s On tab provides you with a summary of what’s happening during the year.

More details of events can be found in our monthly parish magazine HORIZON available from Landford Village Stores or delivered to your door (please ask at the Stores for details). There is also a parish Directory that is delivered each year to every household in the parish, and that is also available at the Stores.

If you are interested in the historical development of Landford and some of the land owners and settlers that lived here, then click here.

The Updates tab provides an index of what’s changed on this site. See Updates page for details on how to automatically receive notification of changes.

If you have any corrections, observations or questions, then please leave a comment or contact John Martin at john@johnmartin.me.uk

11 Responses to “Home”

  1. shirley packham Justin, Sherfield English Road Landford Says:

    Would it be possible for you to add the Landford WI group to your index please’

    • John Martin Says:

      Dear Shirley, Many thanks for your enquiry. I assume you would like us to add a page to the website dedicated to the WI. That’s easy to do. What would you like to be displayed on that page? Suggest contact details, details of where you meet, and possibly your programme of events for 2012.

  2. Brian Fisk Says:

    I found my Landford Local Directory halfway up my drive, soaking wet and ruined. Who should I contact to complain about the delivery and to get a new copy?

    Brian Fisk
    Sherfield English Road

  3. A.Fletcher Says:

    Hi,just wondered when your Scarecrow Festival is this year? Regards,Mr Fletcher.

    • Merv Quick Says:

      I understand that there are no plans for a Scarecrow Competition in Landford this year (2012), but discussions are being held regarding the possibility of holding a Scarecrow Competition in 2013. Regards Merv Quick

  4. Gideon Aymes Says:

    Hi, I think it would be good if you could link your website to Nomansland Sports Association’s site “www.nomansland-sa.org.uk”. There is a link from their website to yours already. It all helps people find the services they need locally.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. Melanie Smith Says:

    Hi, some time ago I came across a PDF page which was very useful for my family history research, and linked to it on some of the profiles. Unfortunately it seems to have disappeared, not archived, and I wondered if it is still available somewhere?
    The URL was: https://landfordjohnmartin.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/landford-a-collective-history-appendix-1-families-of-landford.pdf

    • John Martin Says:

      Hi Melanie, I revised the History of Landford files and set them up on a new website with the address http://www.landfordhistory.wordpress.com and thought I had correctly cross-referenced them properly, but apparently not on this site. I am still adding family information regarding the Eyre’s and their associated families and will put up the revised files soon, but I won’t be changing the site web address! Glad you have found something useful and wish you all the best with your family searches. Regards, John

      • Melanie Smith Says:

        Hi John
        Thanks very much for this. I am descended from Nelsons, Boltons and Girdlestones, so your info was very useful in providing some details of some of those! (I have some further info on some later descendants of some of them, if you are interested and wish to PM me.)
        Kind regards,

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